It's a popular debate in the fitness world at the moment as to whether lifting weights and resistance training is better than cardio, aerobic/anaerobic exercise and workouts.

On STYLE ALTITUDE, where I am Health & Fitness Editor, we have a recently published feature written by Personal Trainer from New Zealand, Steve Theunissen, discussing the benefits of weights versus cardio for ski fitness.

I have done both. Five years ago, running was my go-to exercise. I ran frequently and trained for events, starting with 10k, then half marathons including the Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon in Los Vegas. Finally I entered the Brighton Marathon, completing the six months of training with the blisters and sore IT band that went with it. Read  more about my running experiences on The Run Diary.

Now I do weights with a PT in the gym (see my last blog). 

Which is do I  enjoy most? And which is best for body toning? And do I feel fitter from weights or running?