Sports and Body Massage Online Booking

By Pre Booked Appointments Only - Please only visit if you have an appointment confirmed.

Use the online booking form below to schedule your massage session from one week up to one month in advance. 

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All clients (both new and returning clients) are now required to fill in, and complete an emailed/texted initial, digital Consultation Form immediately, as requested at the time of booking. 

Before your massage treatment/session, once your massage appointment can be confirmed via your email, or text, your appointment will be secure. Please understand, if Siggy doesn't get notified and you don't receive this, your appointment is not/has not been confirmed.

Wear sports shorts or suitable underwear, towels are provided for comfort and privacy.

Please note that each massage is hands on for the full time booked so allow extra time before your session is due to start for prep and payment.

*Sports & Body Massage cabin has a revolving Hydracalrid Massage Table/couch & electric fan heaters.*


*Before confirmation of your Gift Card Massage,your pre online consultation form and online booking notification (unless contra-indicated!) is needed before your visit.*

**By booking an appointment you are agreeing to my policies & Online Booking Terms** 

You’ll be able to view your past massages. And, rebook your future massage appointments all in one place by logging into your original/created profile.

There are family pets on the premisies.

Worthing Sports & Body Massage Therapy Room