Reaching my 200KG's Leg Press Goal...

We all have strength - and different strengths. Maybe one side of our bodies or our minds are strong, the other side is redeemed stronger. Not a weakness or a strong side. This is my harmony mantra.

But what does strength mean to you?

What goals have you set for yourself to make yourself stronger?

Be it, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

My goal; I decided in September last year to fully immerse myself in changing for the better. Making improvements. Shaping myself, even, believing more in myself. It was time for re-discovering.

But, I soon realised I wasn't, and completely couldn't do it, on my own.

I hired a fully accountable, passionate PT. And made training fit into my world, not the other way, as I had previouly had glimmers of before.

In April this year, I decided to strengthen my mind, over its matters.

But, before toning my mind, came my body. And, in March, my goal was to leg press up to 200kg. When I only currently weigh 48.9kg (7.7 st), at 5"2 in height, and have a naturally athletic build (no substances or setriods use). So:

March 2022 I leg pressed 160KG's

April 2022 I leg pressed 170KG's

And May 2022 I leg pressed 180KG's.

I am now just shy of 20kg off my ultimate goal. Already!

I'm not setting an exact time frame to accomlish this by. Time-setting only thrives on disappointment, and failure if you attempt a goal sooner than anticipated.

You must be wondering, how?

Why such a big goal?

Can I personally train you? (I've had this question asked at me, more now than ever). I am not qualified, or certified.

I am, however, a fully liscensed (Sports) Massage Therapist, so the two go hand in hand, married and merge together.

Fitness has saved me in magical ways, de-triggering ways, beautiful ways, motivational ways. It's my purpose. It's semi-consuming my lifestyle, in all the right, positive ways.

In the 90s, I was born at just 26.5 weeks premature, weighing only 1lb10ozs. Yes, less than a bag of sugar!

In 2018, I completed and crossed the finish line of the Brighton Marathon, and I've been chasing other start lines. ever since. I've found myself in uncomfortable, unsettling, life-changing, survival guardian angel situations, ever since I've taken my first breath, and will continue to do so, until I take my last.

It really is about how much you are willing to fight for something, or some one, in fact.

To keep pushing, to battle, but never give up. I am now finding out, re-discovering paths I never knew I could walk down, with moments I never knew just what I was capable of. With the inner warrior strength I was given. And, goals that question my strength and strengths, self-worth and self-love, but make my journey worth it -

More on my fitness lifestyle to come...