Achieving my 150KG's Hack Squat Goal...

18th October 2022

What makes an impressive lift?

It's you trying your best. It's having the ability to keep pushing, moving forward, and digging deep when you think have nothing left in the tank. It's being in competition with yourself. It's becoming more resilent, more than you can imagine. And, seeing the weight scales tip or add to your progress.

The average Hack Squat weight for a male lifter is 157 kg.(1 rep max)

It took me 3 months (my average for completing my huge goals) as a petite female (natural) lifter to smash 150kg (5 reps max) Hack Squat, weighing just 50KG's.

Some hack squat weeks, I felt as low as the squat, but had to find my inner strength, lifting, and pushing myself up, again, from the floor. Some hack squat weeks were powerful. It was finding a balance, and chasing the weight numbers that were climbing, as I was getting noticeably stronger, and gaining further strength.

This particular goal took grit and determination. The dream was bigger than me, a weight on my shoulders, literally. 

It was being uncomfortable in your familiar comfort zone. Un-natural. But I am in absolute awe of what my body, and mind are capable of. This smile is lit.

To feel proud of yourself, and to completely push yourself. 

A hack squat may be a good introduction to the traditional barbell squat. This exercise is more quad dominant. It's engaging, working every muscle group in turn, including your brain. I'd highly recommend using a hack squat machine to push your weight limits, expand your strength and overall physique.