Worthing Sports & Body Massage

Siggy Baylis, accredited and fully qualified Sports and Body massage therapist
available for Sports Massage, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Hot Stones Massage

Worthing Sports & Body Massage

Deep Tissue Techniques
Tension Relief, and Muscular Recovery.

Reflexology Feet Massage

Put your feet up! Deeply relaxing. Naturally healing.


Massages will be at the NEW LOCATION based here

Sports and Body Massage is located right in the centre of Worthing offering a range of massage treatments for women and men in a tranquil, relaxing environment
Experienced Massage Therapist, Siggy Baylis, is fully accredited with the Federation of Holistic Massage Therapy and qualified to Level 4 Sports Massage with the latest Deep Tissue Techniques and Swedish Body Massage. She also has GTi Qualifications in Hot Stones Massage, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology Feet Massage

Adhering to GTi and FHT health procedures and guidelines to keep you safe.

Sports & Body Massage NEW Location requires entry buzzer and phone to ground floor home-based studio.
Allocated, or street-parking available - Please quote on booking notes.

Sports Massage with Deep Tissue

1-Hour or 30 minutes

This popular treatment is a Holistic Sports Massage with deep tissue techniques and assisted stretching with soft tissue manipulation, effective for healing and relaxing, assisting recovery and improving performance.


Hot Stones Massage

A soothing and muscle healing, Hot Stones Massage mixes the traditional Swedish Massage techniques with the use of pre-heated natural, volcanic basalt stones to smooth away aches and completely relax the body.


Swedish Body Massage
1-Hour or 30 minutes

For well-being, relaxation, quietening the mind, easing aches, increasing circulation, a Swedish body massage is the real deal. Enjoy half an hour but note that a full body massage is more achievable in a 60 minute session!


Reflexology Feet Massage

Put your feet up. Reflexology is an acupressure therapy performed on your feet using pressure points connected to areas of the body to remove energy blockages, promote healing responses and well-being.

* NB. Massage does not have to be painful to be effective.
Sports & Body Massage treatment style is slow, relaxing and therapeutic in nature.
Siggy works intuitively to calm your nervous system, while loosening, stretching
and targeting your muscles/areas of muscular tension/concern(s).
Sports and Body Massage doesn't provide fast paced, painful massages.
Depending on your online massage booked: moderate-firm, yet soothing pressure applied.*

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Please only visit if you have an online appointment confirmed.

Secure your massage session by online booking 1 week or more in advance.
Once you have booked your session you must complete and sign your online CONSULTATION form as requested at the time of booking before your appointment can be confirmed.

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Or, do you need immediate attention? Have a specific massage day or time appointment request? Can't find your up-coming Sports & Body Massage appointment on the booking system? Contact Siggy directly and she will squeeze you in where she can! Please ensure you read the policies thoroughly when booking in online.

Mobile: 07854 332 667 or Email: info@sportsandbodymassage.com.

Please note that each massage is hands on for the full time booked so allow extra time before your session is due to start for prep and payment.

Payment by CASH or CARD.

2hours FREE street parking permit? Ask at time of online booking for your digital parking permit.

**By booking an appointment you are agreeing to my policies & Online Booking Terms**

There are family pets on the premises.

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Siggy Baylis Massage Therapist Qualifications

Sports Massage can help you to:

  • Tension Relief, Muscular Recovery, Rehab after Injury, Unwind, De-stress, Relax
  • Increase your range of motion, leading to enhanced fitness performance
  • Lower the risk of muscular injuries, increasing circulation and relaxation
  • Speed up muscle recovery and prevent/break down formation of scar tissue

Indian Head Massage can help you to:

  • Help circulation
  • Relieve headaches
  • Clear your sinuses
  • Work on all muscular tension
  • Improve hair texture

What do my massage clients say?

Hi Siggy, I had a lovely day yesterday. I was relaxed all day. I floated home and my upper and lower back is so relaxed. Thank you, was a lovely experience, I will be back!


I regularly have a Sports Massage with Siggy, especially before AND after running - and also during the ski season. She is, without doubt, one of the best massage therapists in Worthing.


Highly recommended. Deep tissue massage hit all the spots!


Couldn't recommend more. I'm a busy mum who works a very physically demanding job on the side, I honestly can't remember the last time I felt so relaxed!


When I woke up, I had no aches and pains. Overall there's an improvement in how I feel. I also feel lighter and looser. Finally, I was surprised that there was such an effect on me because the whole massage was not painful, but pleasant. Not least as you are friendly, engaging and caring.


Hi Siggy, yes feeling good thanks. Definitely feel the difference so am very happy. Yes, good to meet you and will book again soon! Thanks