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Qualified Sports & Body Massage Therapist, Siggy Baylis, Federation of Holistic Massage

Treatments at The Health & Beauty Lounge, Worthing and Revitalise, Brighton(see location and prices)

Whatever your sport, whether mountain bike riding over the South Downs, running along the prom from Brighton or Worthing Piers, kitesurfing in Lancing, football matches or fitness classes, you will benefit from a Sports Massage. A Sports Massage is beneficial before AND after a work out, match or session. It is a massage aimed specifically at athletes, sports people and those with an active lifestyle and includes deep tissue and stretching techniques. Sports Massage can prevent injury - and help with rehabilitation and scar tissue. Feel the difference with just one session. Or have a regular Sports Massage to keep your body sports ready.

Whether you have an active lifestyle or sit at a computer all day, you will realise the benefits of a Swedish, Deep Tissue or Body Massage. From simple relaxation to aiding circulation and movement, there are many reasons why a Body Massage will help you and your lifestyle. It's also a perfect pampering present.

Sports Massage And Body Massage

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