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Qualified Federation of Holistic Massage Therapy, Siggy Baylis

Sports Massage And Body Massage

Siggy's Holistic forms of massage blend her beliefs and understanding of the power within Eastern and Western natural healing approaches treating your body as a whole and not purely by symptom. A clinically tried and tested fusion of clinical massage techniques crafted with the intention to create space within your body, easing your muscular tension, discomfort, niggles and aches......Not cause it! Loosening up your muscles and calming the noise in your mind, Siggy will involve hands-on techniques to release fascia and calm your nervous system, including deep tissue techniques, sports massage, remedial massage, myofascial release work, trigger point therapy, advance clincial massage techniques (ACMT), soft tissue release and the flowing moves of Swedish massage therapy, enabling her to work more deeply and effectively to increase your circulation, relieve tension, reduce stress, relax anxiety, improve sleep and promote your relaxation throughout your entire body!

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Sports and Body Massage Benefits can also help you to:

•Improve Sports performance and help you and your lifestyle

•Lower the risk of muscular injuries, increasing circulation and relaxation

•Speed up muscle recovery and prevent/break down formation of scar tissue

•Increase your body awareness of mind muscle connection- Naturally aid fatigue, Depression and Anxiety

Sports Massage And Body Massage

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