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    Worthing Sports and Body Massage
  • Sports and Body Massage Therapy

    Enliven through breath, movement, stretch and flow

    Worthing Sports and Body Massage
  • Sports Massage

    Deep Tissue Techniques

    Tension Relief. Muscular Recovery.

    Worthing Sports and Body Massage
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    Unwind, De-stress and Well-being

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    Put your feet up! Deeply relaxing. Naturally healing.

    Worthing Sports and Body Massage

Sports and Body Massage is now Open again

Worthing Sports and Body Massage Therapist Practitioner, Siggy
Worthing’s massage studio for women and men
Federation of Holistic Massage Therapy, Level 4 Qualified in Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Techniques
Plus Swedish Body Massage and qualified in Reflexology Feet Massage

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Massage techniques offered

A Sports and Body Massage ensures that you are surrounded by tranquillity. Siggy incorporates hands-on techniques, including relaxation, acupressure, trigger point therapy, sports, deep tissue and soft tissue techniques, or myofascial release work. Your massage can be forceful at times, firm and definite, but mixed with gentle strokes, plenty of stretching and muscle work, altogether to release fascia and relax your nervous system. Holistically blending therapeutic techniques on beliefs and understanding of the power within Eastern and Western natural healing approaches. A clinically tried and tested fusion of clinical massage techniques crafted with the intention to create space within your body. A Sports and Body Massage is more than a massage, it's a journey. Allow yourself to drift away, leaving you feeling like the best version of yourself. Namaste.

**Siggy doesn't diagnose and does not claim to be a medical doctor, psychologist or licensed nutritionist and she recommends that any addition of herbs and supplements and/or change in your diet (and in some cases, receiving bodywork) be approved by your personal physician.


Sports and Body Massage Terms & Conditions Apply! See 'Policies' Page



Why Sports Massage?

Massage benefits can also help you to:

  • Improve Sports performance and help you and your lifestyle
  • Lower the risk of muscular injuries, increasing circulation and relaxation
  • Speed up muscle recovery and prevent/break down formation of scar tissue
  • Increase your body awareness of mind muscle connection- Naturally aid fatigue, Depression and Anxiety

Feet Reflexology can also help you to

  • Healing your body from the inside, out!
  • Create a deeper sense of wellbeing and relaxation
  • Release your muscluar tension, relieve aches and pains
  • Aid your bone health
For well-being, relaxation, quietening the mind. Therapeutic effects that simply relax and calm your muscles and improving your circulation.

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Sports Massage And Body Massage