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Qualified Federation of Holistic Massage Therapy, Siggy Baylis

Sports Massage And Body Massage

Using a combination of Massage techniques tailored to what your body needs, that may include Sports stretches, Advance Deep Tissue Massage, Remedial Massage CPD (ACMT) Advance Clinical Massage Techniques, Myofacial Release with Trigger Point Therapy.


Siggy, of course will aid you to decrease and relieve your tense muscles, niggles aches and pains, or discomfort....Not cause it!

Sports and Body Massage Benefits can also help you to:

•Improve Sports performance and help you and your lifestyle

•Lower the risk of muscular injuries, increasing circulation and relaxation

•Speed up muscle recovery and prevent/break down formation of scar tissue

•Increase your body awareness of mind muscle connection- Naturally aid fatigue, Depression and Anxiety

Sports Massage And Body Massage

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