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Hi Siggy, all is good thank you. I am not as tender as I thought I'd be, definitely feels a lot less tight around my neck and shoulders. I'll try my best, otherwise you'll have your work cut out with some very battered and achy muscles. Enjoy the sun, forecast is nice again. Cheers. Jon

Hi Siggy, felt extraordinarly tired after treatment, so must have released a lot of tension, which I am grateful for! Many thanks. John

Hi Siggy, i had a lovely day yesterday. I was relaxed all day. I floated home and my upper and lower back is so relaxed. Thank you, was a lovely experience, i will be back.! Craig

I've gotten on really well! Thank you Siggy, it was a great experience! Zoe

Highly recommended. Deep tissue massage hit all the spots! Gareth

Couldn't recommend more. I'm a busy mum who works a very physically demanding job on the side, i honestly can't remember the last time I felt so relaxed! Brooke

'Hi Siggy, felt very relaxed yesterday after massage and all small niggles seemed to have disappeared, so I am very happy. Definitely going to use you again and won't hesitate to recommend. Thanks again. Luke

'Hi Siggy, the treatment helped a lot thanks. So, will be back. Matt  

'Hi Siggy. Wow! Feel so much more relaxed, and my posture is better. You have healing hands. Thank you so much. Anne

 'Hi Siggy,  thanks again for a great massage. Was a little achy, but nothing out of the ordinary' Leanne

 'Hi Siggy, was nice to meet you, too. was a bit disorientated the evening, was knackered the next day and started aching. Was a bit stiff, but that wore off in the morning. It felt like the aftermath of a heavy gym session after a long break from it. Feeling looser now. Shoulder feels an improvement' James

'Hi Siggy, I have really been feeling the benefits of my massage! I felt so relaxed afterwards and am still feeling recovery from my aches and pains. Thank you! Looking forward to booking again soon.' Rita

'Sciatic much improved, infact no aches at all now. Thank you. Brilliant massage!' Lizzie

'Siggy is very attentive and tailors your massage to what you need. She has helped me loads with various ailments, sciatica, arthritis, tennis elbows, shorten nerves in shoulder. Highly recommended.' Nessie

'Hi Siggy, was lovely to meet you too. Feel amazing, thank you so much. Would like to book again. Just going to walk my dogs on the beach and enjoy the sun. Have a lovely day.' Kim

 'I got on excellently, did notice some muscle soreness in the shoulder you worked on, but nothing unexpected and it only lasted about a day or so. Thanks, Siggy' Dom

'Feeling really good after the massage, even golf seemed better. Looking forward to my next massage' Dave

'Feel absolutely fine, no aches either. Brilliant massage. I'll work out what dates could be good to re book. Thank you!' Ryan

'I'm feeling really good after my massage. Back on the treadmill at the gym this afternoon & flexibility improved. Spot on Siggy, thank you.' Liz

'Thanks Siggy..Lovely massage and very relaxing x' Sheena

'Hey, I'm all good, yourself? Had no problems. Felt really relaxed.' Tasha

'Hi Siggy, loved the massage and the lovely own home treatment room in Worthing's Portland Road. Such a tranquil experience, I shall look forward to the next one in a few weeks time!' Jacque

'Thanks Siggy, it was a lovely massage but had some stiffness in my lower back since, it's eased this morning, so all is well' Kate H

'Neck pain has completely healed and my body feels a lot better, too. Loved your massage, and your massage offer! Will recommend you and re book in 2018' Angela

'Great massage thanks. Had a bit of muscle ache and furious thirst the next day, but it really helped thanks. Will book again after Christmas madness!!' Annabel

'Thanks for your follow up text Siggy. Yes, really enjoyed the massage and felt much better for it.' Kate

'It was brilliant..Felt so good after!! Thank you so much.' Amy'

'Hi Siggy All good thanks, felt really relaxed.' Jon

'Back felt sore for about 48 hours, but gradually loosened and eased - much better thank you! Will definitely be back for another, so don't let it get so bad next time.' Marcus

Felt good after massage. The other one, I felt a bit achey, too, but now all good, thank you!' Karen

'Hi Siggy, feel refreshed! ' Gordon.

'I found it helped me massively! Thank you for taking the time to do newer techniques, I''ve benefitted from them a lot! ' Hope.

'Am feeling a lot better!!! I think your massage has done wonders Siggy. Am so grateful to you! ' Anne.

'Feeling great thank you!' Matt.

'Feeling great after your sports massage. The stiffness in my neck has gone, thank you so much.Lisa.

'Totally enjoyed my massage. Felt great after. Had the best sleep I've had for a long time!' Clodagh.

'Wow!! Just had a sports massage by Siggy. She's brilliant!' Jo.

'My mum and I had a relaxing massage with the lovely Siggy. Thank you xxDianne.

'My first ever body massage. Siggy was very professional, polite and attentive. I thoroughly enjoyed the massage and feel so relaxed. Many thanks Siggy. I will return :)'  Netty.

'Thank you Siggy for a brilliant massage. Tension in neck and shoulders all gone now, feel thoroughly relaxed!'  Wendy.

'Really brilliant massage. Siggy was super friendly and attentive to my sport's injury. She gave me a free consultation to start before a fantastic massage which left me feeling relaxed as well as helping reduce the swelling in my injured knee! The room was beautiful and cosy. I would highly recommend her for a sports massage as well as a body massage!' Lauren.

'I had a couple of sports massages with Siggy. The deep tissue massage and stretching felt great and, I believe, definitely helped my running performance. She is both friendly and professional. I'm now booking more sessions and will be a regular client!' Ian.

'Amazing sports massage from Siggy.' Michelle.

'Ached as if I'd had a round with Mike Tyson, but all good today. Feel much better now thank you' Patrick.

'The best back massage I have ever had! Also Siggy is amazing at releasing shoulder, back and neck tension. She has an incredible knack of finding and getting rid of knots.' Alex.

'Shoulder feels a lot freer and no pain experienced on intense movement, so all's good.' Debra.

'Thanks so much! I'm feeling fantastic. The massage was incredibly helpful. I've been raving about you.' Reene.